A couple of days ago Samsung managed to score an important deal with Apple, getting an order of 3 million iPad displays from the Cupertino giant. An unnamed industry source spoke with The Korea Times, claiming that Samsung is Apple’s second supplier for 9.7 inch LCD panels, following LG Display Co. The new agreement is worth $240 million.

Another unnamed source, this time from Samsung also mentioned that the Asian company will supply the iPhone maker with displays for the fourth-gen iPhone. Apparently, Samsung is already receiving orders for these products, so we can start to speculate that Apple will move to AMOLED screens for the iPhone 4G.

Back to the iPad deal, we learn that Samsung will use the IPS display technology, with improved viewing angles, but also lack of sharpness. Right now, with all the supply deals, Apple have components ready for about 13 million iPads. Let’s see how well the device sells, in the end…

[via SlashGear]

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  • With the current legal battle between the two companies, Apple seemed to have steered away from Samsung. and it was rumored that this has been the caused of delay for releasing the iPhone5? Apple is id deep trouble.