After seeing what seemed to be a pretty authentic iPad Pro case the other day, today we catch a glimpse of the 12 inch tablet’s sides, via a fresh Weibo leak. The device is certainly coming, maybe even sooner than expected, since leaks are happening more and more often these days.


Its design approach is very similar to what we’re seeing on the iPad Air and current Minis, but the volume buttons are smaller than expected, or maybe the tablet is just… bigger. I find it very strange that the Lightning port is now placed on the side, if the orientation of the leaked picture below is correct… This may be a confirmation of the presence of quad speakers on board and a sign that this model will be landscape oriented.


It could also mean we’ll get a keyboard dock or sorts to plug into that port. Then there’s that corner with the audio jack and five speaker holes, that doesn’t reveal much to be honest. Anyway, from what I can see this model has a mate aluminum case and it’s certainly not thick. Who’s excited?


  • DeianStancu

    Nobody. A crap tablet. We already have the best tablet for entertaining – iPad Air 2.
    A larger one, with 90% same specs would be a mistake.
    They said over 5 years in generations, that 9.7″ is the best format. Now they are changing their mind (again like at 6 Plus launch – bigger phone were a joke for them, until 6 Plus).
    They launched a Macbook Air with only 1 port, a total crap, with a weak CPU (5W TDP slower than a Pentium Dual Core), just because it’s thinner (and more fragile).
    This “productive” tablet wannabe has no place in industry. They want to counteract the Note 12.2 and Surface. Well, about Note, they are right.
    But Surface, is so out of their league… Different OS, real SSD, real CPU, not ARM + eMMC crap.