Samsung and Apple have been having a rocky relationship over the past year or so, so although the Asian company is building components for Apple, they’re still suing each other. Now Sammy pulls a little bit of revenge, by leaking some details about the next projects brewing at Cupertino. Apparently they also include an iPad Mini.

We’ve been hearing the iPad Mini theory for many months now and this time it comes from the mouth of an anonymous Samsung executive speaking to The Korea Times. The official said that Apple committed to buying $9.7 billion worth of components in 2012 and the list includes iPad Mini displays. The contract could be upgraded to $11 billion by the end of the current year, as Apple plans to launch a smaller iPad, most likely with a 7.85 inch display. Tim Cook, Apple CEO agreed with Samsung’s COO, Lee Jay-yong to rely on the Asian company’s components till the end of 2014, apparently.

The report also says that the iPad Mini won’t use a Retina display, but instead Samsung will provide a PLS based LCDs and Apple is interesting in the OLED technology apparently. Once again we ask you to take all the info with a grain of salt, since anyone can pose as Samsung official. The question is: will the iPad Mini debut this year or the next one?

  • It will be an idiocy to launch this year an another, smaller iPad. It will kill the sales of the “bigger” brother for sure.

    If and it’s a big “IF”, Apple wants a smaller iPad, i’m curious to know how will they brainwash the users about a smaller display, when all this years they said that 7″ tablets are DOA.
    And they are right, 7″ is too small to browse internet and read books properly, now that “the new iPad” has VHD display, or Retina Display and text is better.

    Even if 7″ tablets are more portable and this is an idiotic statement, in reality it’s 150-200 grams lighter, but that will impact the battery. Maybe for girls is lighter, they can carry in purses the new tablets, but for me and others, a 10″ tablet provides enough content to browse internet and play tablet games, way better. Everything is bigger, photos, games, I don’t need to keep the tablet closer to my eyes and damage them in time.