The FCC gang just got a new Samsung tablet for certification. I’m talking about the Samsung GT-P8110 model, that’s just arrived, with some very rounded corners, compared to what we’re used to. Samsung may show this device at the upcoming IFA 2012 Berlin show, that’s rumored to include something more than the already predicted Galaxy Note II.

People are still speculating on whether or not Samsung is ready to showcase that rumored Retina Display slate with 11 inch diagonal, quad core Exynos CPU and 2 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with some pretty close specs, aside from the display of course, meaning diagonal and resolution. If this is truly the new 11 inch slate it will support something like 2500 x 1600 pixels, being finally a rival for the iPad 3 and its “resolutionary screen”, that has yet to be equaled.

So far we’ve seen Full HD tablets from Acer and ASUS, but no one went past the 1200p mark if I may say so. Seeing how Samsung and Apple are always dueling at the top of the charts, they’re the most likely company to come out with an iPad 3 rival, as far as display goes.