We’ve seen quite a bunch of Android 4.0 devices already, either $100 tablets (believe it or not) or older handsets such as the Nexus One and Nexus S getting unofficial updates. Now, the latest Android release has come to the Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet, of course unofficially, courtesy of some crafty developers.

It’s only in 2012 that we’ll be seeing an official release of Ice Cream Sandwich for the 8.9 inch Samsung tablet. XDA Developer members are behind this initiative, detailed in the video below and involving the homebrew version of Android 4.0.3 reaching their Samsung tablets. The bootable builds have their problems and bugs, but at least the devs got the GPS, Bluetooth, hardware acceleration and accelerometer going. Right now they’re working on getting the WiFi to function as soon as possible.

Sadly you can’t get your own taste of this dessert, since the guys working on it only shared their results via the video below and no download link was posted. They claim that when the ROM is ready we’ll have download links and everything, so hold on till after Xmas time, I guess… In the meantime here’s how far the project’s progressed: