Samsung Galaxy Note may be already prepared to have a follow-up, or so is believed after the codename GT-N8000 was spotted in the list of WiFi certifications. One should know that the Galaxy Note has just reached the USA through AT&T, so it’s too soon to start talking about the Note 2.

The WiFi certification shows devices such as the GT-N8000 and the GT-N8013, mysterious codenames pointing to new Samsung gear. These model numbers fit with the Galaxy Note codename, that was known as the GT-N7000. Speculations say that the GT-N8000 may be a larger sequel to the Galaxy Note, while the GT-N8013 could be a mere version of the new 5 incher unit. Recently we’ve also seen the GT-N8010 model passing WiFi certification, so this is yet another version of the handset passing certification.

All we know about these new products right now is that they support dual band WiFi a/b/g/n and that we’re dealing with a smartphone/tablet. I’m curious what diagonal this new model will have, but odds are that we’ll only witness a change of resolution, CPU and RAM, not diagonal size.

  • I am starting to hate technology 🙁 Every time a brand launches a phone or a tablet, after short time it launches another, improved version, just to squeeze more money from buyers. At least Apple does this within a year, not every 2-3 months…..

  • Fantastic. I love their tablets and am interested to see what is to come… But agree, too many releases/versions from one company is bad. Do bigger better releases less frequently, please.

  • 5.3 inches should really be the top end for a phone device that people could keep in their pockets.  I don’t think I’d want anything bigger than that, considering I have a Nook color which is a 7″ tablet and that’s fine for reading.   5.3″ is good for a big phone, not a small tablet. 😉