Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 recently leaked in a patent that showed the potential for a waterproof design and now it leaks again, as sources from the industry confirm that production is on its way. The new foldable phone has started mass production in time for an August unveiling, apparently.

A South Korean publication broke the news today, saying that the new foldable will be detailed further in June. Insiders claim that the new Fold will rely on the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) solution, just like the Galaxy Z Flip. It will be provided by the same Schott and Dowoo Insys companies. Interestingly, the speculation that the new Fold will cost less keeps on appearing only, in spite of upgrading to a 120 Hz screen. Market forecasts indicate that Samsung will ship between 2.5 and 3 million Fold 2 units this year, several times more than the OG Fold last year.

A recent patent shows a waterproof body for a new Galaxy Fold, but it may well have been the Fold Lite, on account of its smaller secondary screen. That one is said to cost below $1100 and crack the market of more affordable foldables. Meanwhile for the new Galaxy Fold we expect a Snapdragon 865 CPU, 5G, 12 GB of RAM, a quad back camera and also we’d like to see Samsung getting rid of the notch upfront. At some point there was talk about a stylus and an in-display selfie camera, but nothing was set in stone.  Hopefully, the bezels are smaller and the device is a bit more compact.

I guess we’ll wait till June…