The past week’s top scoop was the Apple defeated Samsung in court and the Asian company will have to pay up $1.049 billion damages to the Cupertino giant. However, there are some interesting aspects of the suit that you’re probably not privy to. One of them is the fact that, although Samsung infringed some patents, one of them was not the iPad D’889 design patent. This means that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is cleared of all faults.

Potential infringement back in June was deemed reason enough to start an injunction on the Samsung tablet and affect its store sales in USA. Now Samsung wants the injunction removed and may even decide that Apples owes it damages. In a recent (and new) court filing Samsung pointed out that the D’889 patent was the reason to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in trouble in the first place. The jury decided that the Tab 10.1 didn’t infringe the patent, so Samsung justly claims the infringement was unfair.

They’re asking the court to hold back $2.6 million, the bond that Apple paid to secure the injunction until there’s a damages hearing. Samsung may end up getting back a small portion of the billion they have to pay Apple for breaking the intelectual property laws. What’s ironic here is that the Tab 10.1 did infringe on several Apple software patents, but not design ones. Samsung seems to have a point this time… will they succeed?