Things are not going well for Windows RT, that has suffered the shame of all shames: one of its initial hardware partners seems to be backing out of the deal. After announcing that it was not going to sell the Windows RT-based Samsung Ativ Tab in USA, now Sammy goes ahead and does the same thing with Europe.


The South Koreans will stop selling the Windows RT Ativ Tab in Europe, it seems and the announcement came in Germany during CeBIT 2013. The product debuted at IFA 2012 at the end of last summer, but sadly we may end up not seeing it anywhere. While in US there wasn’t enough demand for the product to succeed, the reason for European lack is a mystery. Germany will not get the tablet for sure, according to a Samsung rep at CeBIT and other European countries have had their launch plans cancelled.

Samsung things there is no market for Windows RT in Germany or other European countries, so that’s the reason for the decision. For now, the Ativ Tab is still available on, so you can still snatch one in Germany, but it will probably drop out of there soon. Is Windows RT on a path to failing totally?