Samsung announced its financial results for 2013 this week, in a special conference call with analysts, that also included the unveiling of some of the company’s future plans. ZDNet Korea reports that Samsung intends to bet high stakes on big diagonals this year.


Apparently, the company’s executive director, Hyunjoon Kim said that the South Korean firm will launch new high resolution and big diagonal tablets and also phablets. The 12 inchers Galaxy NotePro 12.2 and Galaxy TabPro 12.2 already started a new product segment, that will go on throughout the year. More models of this kind will come and Samsung also plans phablets with screen sizes ranging from 5 to 6 inches.

The execs claim that Samsung is the market leader in the area of big screen smartphones, ever since the Galaxy Note 1 and I must say I agree with that. Future phablets may unlock new technologies like 2K screens, improved camera sensors, new gestures and new stylus technologies. Another good thing (for Samsung) is that they plan to cut back on the marketing for mobile devices, that had an enormous budget over the past years.