If you though that Lenovo Yoga Book brought a proper imitation of the pen and paper experience, well guess again. It appears that a device called reMarkable pulls one up, offering an even more paper-realistic experience. It’s a 10.3 inch tablet that was announced today and it comes with a special CANVAS display.


The paper-like screen is perfect for readers, writers and people who doodle and sketch. reMarkable is available on pre-order for $379, which is actually a discount from the usual price of $716. This price will bring you the tablet, its stylus and a folio case. The product arrives in the summer of 2017 and it packs a black and white CANVAS panel, that has no glass parts.


It looks and feels like paper, offering ink-like black tones. The screen has an atypical 1872 x 1404 pixel resolution, 226 DPI and it’s powered by E-Ink technology, with the contribution of the company E Ink among others. The core of the experience is the very low latency of just 55 millisecond, making drawing and writing more realistic.


The stylus bundled here needs no battery and uses a high-friction pen tip, simulating the real pen experience. The functioning time is supposed to be “days on end”, with a single charge, but we don’t exactly know how many. The device does PDF and ePUB support and also brings 8 GB of storage. There’s no way to pirate this model apparently, so no way of getting other OSes on it.