Although we’ve seen the PadFone Infinity before and even fondled one at MWC 2013, the device was never available in a pink/purple version as the one shown below. I can’t really tell where this image comes from, but it seems to be a trade show of sorts.


Meanwhile, we keep hearing about a new PadFone Infinity version dubbed A86, that replaces the Snapdragon 600 CPU of the device with a Snapdragon 800. Seeing more color versions of the PadFone Infinity gives us hope that at least one of them will make it to the international market. As you probably know, the Infinity hasn’t received a widespread launch, being limited to certain markets.

This is where the PadFone Infinity A86 could capitalize and get more market to spread its units. We’re also hearing about a PadFone Mini, a 7 inch version of the famous hybrid that involves a phone and tablet. If you had to choose between the PadFone Infinity, the A86 and the Mini, each with a difference of $100, which would you choose?