Yesterday, on April 13th, Philips and Mediq launched in partnership a revolutionary tablet called Philips VISIQ. We get to know that this is the world’s first device that can bring doctors to their patients and perform diagnostic tests. The tablet in case was developed by Philips and Medical Service Netherlands (MSN).


In terms of specs, the Philips VISIQ comes with an ultrasound system that can make GPs and other healthcare professionals high quality images in order to conduct diagnostic tests. As example, if a doctor visits a patient with abdominal discomfort, he may use the tablet to make a diagnosis.

From this new technology, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility will also benefit from it. The Philips VISIQ is basicly a tablet and a transducer that allows the user to make an ultrasound. In order to send the data straight to the hospital, the tablet comes standard with a secure wireless connection.