Windows 10 build 10056 has just been spotted on the web, through a series of leaks, after it was sent out to Microsoft Partners the past Wednesday. It includes quite a few changes from what we previously knew, especially ones having to do with the interface.


As we approach BUILD, more and more leaks will happen, obviously. The Personalize tab in the Settings app is now functional, and allows you to tweak the interface.¬† You can change the Start Menu transparency, change the color of the theme and accent you’re using, like on Windows Phone and more. The taskbar has been updated as well, reflecting the more modern interface and being transparent.

The Cortana search bar is now the full height of the taskbar, for a better fit. Window borders have also been slightly changed, with a bit of a bold delimitation, that I don’t quite like. The 10056 build is expected to leak this weekend, so stay tuned for more¬† changes. What do you think of the UI customization options?