Pegatron Technology, a very solid partner for Apple has been named to make Dell’s 8 inch Windows 8 tablets. At least one of the products is expected to be unveiled by Dell in early October, according to supply chain makers.

XPS 10 Tablet Computer

Dell is expected to announce the slate in early October in New York, targeting the enterprise market with it. Market watchers expect the US vendor to release more enterprise products in the future, like Windows-based slates for example. Acer already launched an 8 inch Windows 8 slate, the Iconia W3, that was met with praise by the experts.

The device relied on the Intel Atom 2760 dual core CPU and meanwhile Toshiba also debuted an 8 inch tablet, the Encore. The ASUS MeMo Pad 8 also comes with an 8 inch display, speaking of such diagonals, but it goes with Android. Market watchers are saying that 8 inch is the new 7 inch, as it has a tendency to replace the segment.