Panasonic’s Eluga was a pretty interesting smartphone that we saw at MWC 2012 and now it appears that this brand will be turned into a series, that also includes the Eluga Live, a 10.1 inch tablet. The device was handled recently by some editors from The Verge and the result was the hands on video below.

We’re dealing here with an Android 4.0 tablet with integrated TV tuner, that will appeal to the Japanese public, especially since it relies on the Japanese standard 1seg. The device will debut in August, at least in Japan and sadly there’s no chance we’ll see it in Europe anytime soon. The Eluga Live features a dual core ARM processor at 1.2 GHz, most likely a TI OMAP 4430. Also on the specs list we find 1GB of RAM, DLNA and sadly no camera at the back.

We have no details about price, but the lack of camera may be a big deal breaker for many people out there. Still, if the price is around $200 or less, then this model may catch on, maybe because it’s made by a local brand and people want to support, if nothing else…

  • JohnnyL53

    I would consider the lack of a camera to be a positive. I would rather the money get put into other areas.