Panasonic recently unveiled and demoed a new e-reader that also serves as a tablet and it’s based on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. This model is specifically created for the Japanese market and it offers e-books through a special store set up by Rakuten, the biggest local e-commerce brand in Japan.

The initial line-up will include at least 10k titles of books and Panasonic claims that the owners of this device can redeem bonus points received by buying e-books. For example, you can buy food and clothing if you want from Rakuten and use the bonus points. As far as specs go, this model packs a 7 inch LCD touchscreen, wit 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, a dual core CPU, a camera, a microSDHC card slot and WiFi.

The e-reader will come with a bunch of basic apps pre-installed, like the browser, mail client, Adobe Reader and more… The launch of the device will take place next month, but the price is yet to be established. Demo of the unit right here: