The Oppo N1 is a handset with a 5.9 inch diagonal, or better said a phablet that stands out through an unusual camera design and also its software choice. This device comes with a rotating camera and the company behind it has just announced that the product will be available from December 10th.


It will be priced at $599 and it will run CyanogenMod out of the box, through the stock recovery without any rooting or modding. This is a 5.9 inch device with a Full HD resolution, a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of storage. It has a 13 megapixel rotating camera, that can take pics in the front or back area and also a touch panel on the back of the handset.

This panel can be used for navigating in the interface, while using the device with a single hand. In spite of its big diagonal, the phablet only measures 9 mm in thickness and weighs 213 grams. Its screen is said to be vibrant and offer wide viewing angles, according to people who reviewed the product.