Today we’re taking a closer look on another tablet from the Chinese producer Onda, slate called oBook10 Pro and pictured down below. The first thing you should know is that we’re dealing here with a Windows 10 slate, so the productivity features should be a starting point if you’re looking to buy such a tablet. Also, we should mention that with an optional keyboard dock you can convert this tablet into a great notebook to carry around and do all your work on the move.


In terms of design, we notice that this slate looks really good compared to a regular tablet from China, and that’s because of that dual-tone gold colored back panel. The solid construction is also a plus here. Even if its body is metallic, when touched the texture seems to feel like plastic. As you can see, the bezels are pretty wide so we can hold it easily in our hands.

The buttons offer a good feedback, but the power one doesn’t have a quick response, problem found on all Windows devices like this.


Getting into hardware, we’re getting here a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail X7-Z8700 processor with Intel HD Graphic Gen8 GPU and 4 GB of RAM memory for a great multitasking experience. 64 GB space of internal storage should be enough for you, but in case you need more, then the microSD card slot lets you expand the memory with an extra 128 GB.

There’s a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for Skype calls, a microHDMI port and a docking interface for an optional keyboard. However, the tablet lacks stereo speakers and a rear camera.


Onda oBook10 Pro offers a 10.1 inch IPS display with a 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution, panel with 10-points multitouch technology and 16:10 aspect ratio. We’re getting here a pretty good brightness, nice colors and wide viewing angles. One thing you should consider is that the tablet won’t offer a great experience while used outdoors in a sunny day.

In our tests, the tablet reached a 290 LUX brightness, and thereby is placed above the ASUS Transformer Book T100 and ASUS ZenPad S 8.0. Among the screen settings we have the regulars options like brightness, fond and Enhance Video that makes the playback more smooth. Overall the screen is ok, one that didn’t let us down.


When it comes to multimedia, this tablet brings something unusual, and that’s the speaker placed on the side of the device. We can cover it easily, but the sound will still hear great even in such conditions. Groove Music is brought here as the default audio player and you should know that Onda oBook10 Pro offers a pretty high volume, good quality and an ok bass.

There’s no distortions, and the speaker was great for both songs and movie playback. In our tests we reached 83.9 dBA with the measuring unit placed on the left side of the tablet, and 85 dBA with the measuring unit on the right. In Riptide GP Renegade we’ve reached 85.8 dBA – great result for such a cheap tablet, one placed above the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro.


Windows 10 is pre-installed on this tablet, so we’re getting a familiar experience here. Unlike Android where producers can transform the interface, with Windows all looks the same on every device. Folders are found here, as well as x86 apps, multi-desktop features, Cortana and the Office pack (free trial for a month), and also the Tablet mode.


Onda oBook10 Pro is a comfortable tablet to use, with a pretty good screen and with quality acoustics. The overall performance is good, and we have some productivity features here, and when it comes to movies and audio consumption we don’t have objections. Even if we’re dealing with a more compact device than usual, it remains a great product for those who need a tablet to write an essay on the run or work on a project.


 Right now, the Onda oBook10 Pro can be bought from for just $219.99, a right price tag for such a tablet with 4 GB RAM, big display with Full HD resolution and fast processor.