If you’re not happy with the camera performance on your tablet and you have no luck in seeming the perfect douchebag that uses a tablet to take pictures, OmniVision comes to the rescue. They just unveiled the OV2722 sensor, a 1080p native CMOS camera sensor.

The company also showed the world a 16MP sensor recently, but that’s an entirely different affair. The newcomer is big and thin enough, at a mere 3mm in depth to upgrade the current 720p or lower front cameras on slates and give people some Full HD videochatting. The advantage here is not only the size, but also the thickness and the fact that it works better in low light than previous sensors. Hopefully this will get rid of those godawful self portraits, replacing them with half decent pics, but with decent lighting.

OV2722 is already in mass production now for unnamed clients and I’m sure Apple will want to get a piece of that pie for its MacBook and iPad. OmniVision says that the new OmniBS+ pixel architecture provides extra sensitivity and image quality and that the sensor is perfect for smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks.