Office for iPad is a Holy Grail that has been rumored for years now, but we’re getting very close to its release, if recent rumors are real. Apparently, it will debut as soon as next week, ahead of its Windows 8.1 version release.


Supposedly Office will get announced in the iPad version on March 27th, with a press briefing scheduled in San Francisco on that date. That’s only a few days ahead of the BUILD 2014 conference, where we’ll see Windows 8.1 Update 1, some basic ideas about Windows 9 and Windows Phone 8.1 in action. CEO Satya Nadella will take the stage at BUILD and probably announce a few more goodies.

Office for iPad is codenamed Miramar and has been in development for a long while. Meanwhile, Microsoft is taking too long to make a Metro version of Office, with a demo shown last summer. It’s interesting to see that MS is rushing to get their solution on the iPad rather than Windows devices…