Everyone suddenly became interested in the NVIDIA Shield when it got priced at $199 a few weeks ago and also offered the games Half Life 2 and Portal on it. Well, today there’s another reason to consider buying one: the price stays the same, but now there’s a $25 Google Play Credit offered with the device.


That’s free store credit and if you access this link you should be able to get the goods. You can spend that money on games, apps, movies, music or books. Apparently the Shield has some pretty killer acoustics, so music would be a good idea. Of course you can also spend your money on in app purchases and get the coolest ride ever in Angry Birds Go, for example. Things have evolved from the time when the Shield went for $300.

The library of games has expanded, there’s a control mapping feature and the price has dropped $100. You can also stream some PC games like Borderlands 2 and now there’s a Shield 2 in the making, judging by recent leaks. This can only mean one thing: the first Shield’s price will drop even more when the new model arrives!