We’ve got an impressive batch of rumors to show today, all of them related to Nokia. The Nordic setup is supposed to unveil in the following fiscal year not only a couple of new tablets, but also some phablets. Supposedly, some of them will even have serious imaging firepower.


So, it turns out that we’re going to get the cool Zoom technology on tablets, so crisp and clear imaging on slates will be possible. The rumors mention both a 10.5 inch 8.5 mm thick tablet from Nokia and a smaller 8.5 inch model. They will probably run Windows RT 8.1 or Win 8.1 and come in a variety of colors, such as green, black, pink, blue, yellow and white.

They will be made of aluminum and we also learn about some phablets, like the Lumia 725 and a 5 inch screen and the Lumia 825 and its 5.2 inch screen. Then there’s the Lumia 926 with a 5.5 inch screen and in 2014 Nokia will go into 6 and 7 inch territory. That happens in June 2014 and I wonder if these speculations aren’t too optimistic…