We’ve heard quite a bunch of rumours concerning a supposed Nokia Booklet Touch tablet coming this year, but the fact that it may use Windows 7 is novelty to us. Ashok Kumar, Rodman Renshaw analyst recently discussed the rumours concerning the Finns’ tablet. According to a couple of inside sources, Nokia is working on a touchscreen tablet, that might even reach the market this Fall.

While some claim that this is the Nokia N900 successor we’ve heard about a while ago, based on Maemo/MeeGo OS, this device would be too small to be called a tablet. It would also fit in the Nautilus project we’ve learned about a year ago. Also, MeeGo OS is not yet mature to be used on an important device like Nokia’s first tablet, so we’d expect it to implemented in late 2011/2012.

All arguments are in favour of Nokia adopting Windows 7 on its tablet, specially since they already have the team working on Booklet 3G and the expertise of this product. However, the netbook wasn’t a success, but it least it allowed the famous handset maker to experiment with other products.

Windows 7 is at this moment very much ready for tablets, being customized and we can only hope for a Nokia tablet with 3G support and top notch hardware to put it to good use.

[via Unwired View]