There’s a fresh batch of rumors related to Nokia’s products, especially phablets. While low end, midrange phones and cameraphones are well covered, the segment of phablets and tablets is blank for Nokia right now. However, things may change starting September.


Nokia is said to launch a phablet in September-October with a camera module similar to the one seen on Lumia 925. This device is rumored to feature a 5.5 to 6 inch screen and probably keep the same CPU as the current high end Lumias. However, the next wave of phablets sounds much better, with a rumored 16 lens lytro style camera and higher megapixel count.

This higher end phablets will arrive in February 2014, apparently. I also expect Windows Phone 8.1 on board, Full HD resolutions, quad core CPUs and huge batteries. Would be nice if Nokia tried to make the phablets thinner and lighter…