The number of rumors concerning Apple’s upcoming releases is surely rising fast and according to the most recent we are getting very close to the date when all will be put to rest. By far the most interesting products in the manufacturer’s line are the new iPad and iPhone, expected to come with a new design and features.


Truth is we are not exactly sure that Apple will be concentrating its efforts on whole new products for this year, and instead there is talk of a new face for iOS, that is likely to reach version 7 this year. As for the 5-th generation iPad, some recent alleged photos of a casing for the tablet unveiled it will offer a slightly slimmer profile, with the same 9.7-inches screen as the current gen.

What the most recent rumors seem to agree on is that Apple may be setting an event in June, in order to announce its newest iPad. There are even some claims stating that the actual event will take place on the 18th of June, with availability for purchase on the 27th of the same month. What we can expect from Apple is still highly unsure, though there are rumors about the iPad 5, new iPad Mini and an iPhone 5S to join the line.