Google is the headliner of this week’s software news, but Microsoft also made the cut today, through an interesting update. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16199 arrived on PCs yesterday and it has an interesting feature, that lets the OS display notifications for incoming Android phone calls.

It only applies to users who have the Cortana app installed on their Android phones. If that’s available, you will be able to receive notifications about incoming phone calls on the PC. This already happened for Windows 10 Mobile devices and Mac owners got similar functionality from their iPhones. To use new feature, people will have to enable a special option to sync notifications and switch on all the Cortana stuff related to cross device action.

Build 16199 also brings some modifications to the My People app for Windows 10, like seeing a notification badge for any unseen message from the contacts pinned to the taskbar. Users can also drag and drop files to a contact in the taskbar, in order to create an email message, plus view emojis from contacts that have been pinned to the taskbar.

Changes have also been made to Windows 10 Settings, game bar and users should also be able to play with the Story Remix app.