Microsoft’s big launch event for the Surface Pro tablet may have been cancelled because of snow, but that doesn’t mean that the product didn’t get a proper ad. The commercial is airing during tonight’s Grammy awards and features beatbox, breakdance and more, as you can glance in the catwalk video below.


There’s also a bit of focus on the pen input on the Intel Core i5 slate. In case you’re wondering, this sneak peek happened at a special event in Las Vegas this weekend, where Microsoft’s Panos Panay premiered the Jon Chu ad accompanied by breakdancers and beatboxers. Two of the people from the audience got free Pro slates, lucky them. Microsoft seems aware meanwhile of the launch issues and the fact that they’re already running low on stocks.

We’re getting no sales numbers, just like with the Surface RT, but we’ll probably get them once the product is widespread. Considering we’re still in the deadzone called Q1, with people recovering financially from the winter holidays, it’s hard to believe the Surface Pro will make a dent now. Well, there’s Valentine’s Day and Easter coming…