After eight months ago when Microsoft launched Windows Phone App Studio beta, an app that managed to count over 400.000 downloads, now it’s time for another app to amaze us, the Windows App Studio Beta. This new app was announced just two days ago during Microsoft Build 2014 conference.


With Windows App Studio Beta, developers can create in an easy way a new app for Windows Phone and Windows, and the intuitive interface will show you how the changes will look on the screen from both type of view (phone or tablet/desktop). After you manage to generate your app, you’ll notice that you would be able to download the app to your Windows device. You can also download packages to publish or even the original source codes for WP 8.0, WP 8.1 and Windows 8.1.


The process of creating a new app it’s very easy, you just need to click/tap the “Empty App” button or to start with one of the templates available. Windows App Studio Beta lets you build a template for your mobile website, an ability called WebApp, that works just be entering the URL of the mobile website.



Windows App Studio Beta will also integrate Facebook to the list of connectors. If you want to later publish you app to the Store, you must create an Dev Center account that require a $18 anual fee.