Tomorrow is the day when Google stated that the new Nexus devices will be available for purchase. This includes the Nexus 4 – smartphone by LG, Nexus 10 – 10.1-inch tablet by Samsung and the new 3G 32 GB variant of the Nexus 7 tablet. A majority of Android fans and users are waiting to be able to order one of the new devices, running stock Android.

Androidcentral managed to gather scattered pieces of info and was able to conclude that the new Nexus devices will be available for purchase tomorrow morning, “around breakfast time” in Germany (early morning Pacific time).  The info comes from sources inside Google, a Google Germany employee to be exact. It also seems that Google has taken to great lengths to ensure that the devices will be available on time.

It is still a problem that the Nexus devices availability is restricted to some countries, mainly in the US. The retail shops are expected to start selling the devices around the same time they will be available on the Play Store. No hint as to what the prices will be outside of the official Store.