Although the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet has just been released, more and more experts are saying that Moto is in fact readying yet another slate. Meanwhile, we learn that the US company has started reducing orders for the Xoom tablets. Reductions start from Q2 2011 and no orders were scheduled past June.

This could mean that we’ll see a new slate next summer and orders for the Xoom should drop to 300,000 units in April and below 300,000 by May. If this is the fault of the recent iPad 2 launch and huge sales we don’t know, but what’s sure is that it’s raining new tablets every day, so Moto must come up with a hit to defeat its rivals.

Expectations for the Xoom are around 3 to 5 million units shipped this year, if everything goes OK. These numbers are still no match for the expected iPad 2 10 to 12 million units delivered in the second quarter alone. What should the new Motorola tablet feature to keep the public interested?