The new iPad may have sold 3 million units, but then it took a bullet to the case. Well, that’s literally what it did, when it was tested by the guys at Rated RR and the result was the video below. The tablet was first shot with a couple of bullets and then with some heavy artillery rocket thingie, that went right through it.

On the first attempt, the glass held the whole thing into place, so it was hard for the shooter to draw a pattern with the bullet holes, for example. The last shot was really painful, as it tore the device apart and some of you may feel sick to the stomach if you really love Apple gear and you’re waiting for your order of the iPad 3 right now. I wonder what kind of ammo one has to use to shoot the tablet in some area and still have it booting and working.

I also wonder how much days or hours will pass before we get an episode of Will it Blend available, the usual gadget mixing show that turns the latest gadgets into a smoking pile of dust. Well, some people really love torturing their slates… over the past 3 days alone I’ve seen the iPad 3 thrown from up high, shot and dissected.