Apple isn’t doing so well, after the first quarter of the year brought them an almost 30% drop in iPad sales and who knows what the second quarter brought… The iPad Pro is seen as a way to bump tablet sales again, not only for Apple, but for the entire tablet segment, globally. And today we learn about more about their big screen slate.


The iPad Pro is expected to be a larger tablet with extra multitasking functionality, the kind we already saw in iOS 9. Now a fresh leak from tells us that Samsung and Sharp are supplying screen panels for this 12.9 inch newcomer. Sharp is a typical supplier for Apple’s iPads, while Samsung only got the part after a successful test build.

LG is third in line, in case extra units are needed. The same source claims that the iPad Pro is expected to come in the fourth quarter of the year, lining up with the usual October event, where Apple debuts new gear. This is not a 100% guarantee, but there are so many hints and leaks, that we tend to believe it’s real. I sure wish we heard more about those quad speakers and two ports on board…