The New iPad is here, being delivered yesterday to the first lucky owners and already people are wondering when the fresh jailbreak will arrive. People in the know are already working on the first public jailbreak for the slate, with the iPhone Dev Team recently posting a work in progress article on their site.

Apple’s devices based on older chipsets already got an iOS 5.1 jailbreak, but that’s semi-tethered. The iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 2012 iPad have no public solution available, but what about private? Two or three (maybe even four) separate jailbreak solutions are being looked into by various groups of hackers. Some developers such as i0n1c have posted teasers of their progress, showing that iOS 5.1 has been compromised on an iPad 2. Various experts have also claimed that there’s an old iPad 2 exploit that may work on the new iPad.

Also, an unnamed developer close to Cydia may have also figured out something about this jailbreak and pod2g is also looking into the matter, so the community is hard at work to crack the new tablet. This means that we’re days, maybe weeks away from a working solution, but keep your hopes up and keep scouting the web for answers.