The folks of Unbox Therapy have somehow managed to score an iPad 5, or better said parts of it, to showcase in a hands on video shown below. As you can see, the form factor of the next flagship iPad is pretty much the same one as the iPad Mini’s but large.

ipad 5 parts

The new slate ditches the sloped edges and makes the speakers a bit smaller, plus the whole thing is more compact. It’s still a device with an aluminum shell, but it’s thinner and less wide. The iPad 5 is about 20% thinner than the iPad 4 and it measures 17 cm in width, compared to the 18.5 of the predecessor.

The camera at the back is still without flash and possibly the same 5 megapixel unit we’ve seen before. The screen may be the exact same Retina as before, while the CPU inside could be a new generation present on the iPhone 5S as well. We’ll have to wait and see if Apple is willing to reveal anything next week during its event, unless it’s an iPhone-focused launch…