A little more than a week from the product’s official launch, the Apple iPad is having issues with the content providers that will work with its maker. Pre-orders have been pouring for the new device over the past week, so it would be a pity to launch the product void of content, right? Apple wanted to provide TV subscriptions with the tablet, but we wonder if they’ll manage to provide the TV shows everyone wants these days.

The fact is that the partners working with Apple are scared, mostly because their relationships with TV outlets and cable companies will be jeopardized by this cooperation. For now, Apple chooses to lower prices for TV shows and it’s funny to notice that the Cupertino giant had no issues with book publishers, but they were stuck when it came to TV content.

After all, people watch more episodes of The Office and American Idol, compared to the time they spend reading books.

[via crunchgear]