The US Patent and Trademark Office published a brand new patent application from Apple, that has to do with a new iPad smart cover configuration, that also involves a keyboard panel. Don’t go thinking about a Surface Touch Cover or Type Cover copycat, since that’s not the case.

apple patent ipad

This time we get an unique keyboard that can serve as a multitouch gesture board and eliminate the need for a touchpad. This new smart cover with keyboard is the latest in many inventions that make tablets solid netbook and even notebook replacements. Cramped typing is the main issue nowadays, but with Apple as the master of key spacing, I wouldn’t worry about that.

The patent mentions a lateral hinge in the cover that allows it to fold so the first end of the cover rotates about the first lateral hinge. The second lateral hinge allows the cover to fold so a second end of the cover rotates about the second lateral hinge (hope you understood those phrases…). Various folding configurations will be available, which is something probably meant to rival what Lenovo has been doing with the Yogas lately.

ipad keyboard