We’ve been hearing for the past year that Apple is going to launch a stylus compatible with the iPhones and also bring some new technologies in the mix. Those may include ultrasound tech, according to a new patent, which we discuss below.

The patent was filed with in the US and hints at using ultrasound technology in the Apple devices. It’ll start with screen panels and improved sensitivity and move on to styli. On panels it should improve sensitivity and this happens by placing multiple layers on top of an acoustic touch panel. The panel uses transducers in order to transmit ultrasonic waves along a surface.

These waves are examined by sensors, that can determine the positioning of size and even objects. Relying on more than one layer, the sensors could calculate the pressure that’s being applied and act as a 3D Touch replacement. The technology could also be used to improve the accuracy of the Apple Pencil. The stylus could be covered in sensors and detects the grip for example.

It should detect the movements of the user and his intentions more accurately. It’ll know if you’re left or right handed and this may help with palm rejection or detection. We’re still expecting new iPads this fall, so maybe that’s when the new tech comes out.