Steve Jobs famously said that nobody wants a stylus, but his words may be contradicted by a brand new Apple patent that surfaced on the web. This patent refers to a possible iPad stylus, as detailed below..


Earlier Apple stylus patents have been sighted a while back and this new patent involves the iPad in the equation. The Cupertino company sees the stylus as an add-on for its devices, rather than a key piece. The patent shows a stylus as a piece that can be extended or shortened, in order to give the user the ability to draw slimmer or thicker lines on the screens.

This “nib” can have a limited interaction surface when set to a position close to the stylus chassis for drawing thin lines. If you extend said nib outside the stylus body, it will interact with the screen at more than one touch node. This is probably one more reason to start hoping for the iPad Pro, since an accessory of this kind would help it a lot.