NEC is getting into the rugged tablet business with the H11A tablet model, that they showcased during a recent trade show. This device’s full name is the NEC Shieldpro H11A and it’s a model that can survive a drop from a five foot height onto a concrete floor.


The H11A is part of a range of new products that NEC is showcasing this week at a brand new exhibition in Japan. H11A is not meant for consumers, but rather for the industrial environment and the military organizations, plus law enforcement. The first customer of the product is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, NEC says.

The device comes with a frame made of magnesium alloy and its design involves reinforced corners. The product weighs a bit over 4 pounds, which is 4 times the weight of the iPad Air. This model is also waterproof and can be submerged in water for half an hour or so.