We’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy View as a niche product, a tablet meant for binge watching TV shows and understood its usefulness. However, music-oriented tablet seems like an odd niche to cover, right? Well, this device exists and it’s called the Nativ Sound Vita.


Feeling like an audio hub, music control center and a slate combined, this 11.6 incher offers an IPS LCD screen and up to 4 TB of storage. Those are available as built in hard disks, which certainly don’t help with the portability of the device. The product comes from a startup and it’s intended to offer touchscreen access to all of your music, as well as wireless multi room playback.


Voice control is also available and a generous offering of inputs. Using the Nativ Sound Vita we can stream stuff via WiFi, Bluetooth, aptX, NAS/HDD, asynchronous USB 2.0 or SPDIF. Resolutions supported here go up to DSD256 and 32 bit/384 kHz PCM. The list doesn’t end here, since we’re also promised compatibility with Android, Mac, PC, iOS, AirPlay, UPnP/DLNA and more.


Video content can be offered on TVs via a HDMI cable and Google Cast is supported, too. Upsampling and separate left and right channels will tickle the senses of audiophiles. Before you get all excited, know that the Sound Vita is being funded on Indiegogo and reached 62% of its $100k goal in less than a day. Pledges start at $699 for a model called Wave and $999 for the Vita itself.

The bundle brings you an oak desk stand and shipments are expected in October.