Last week we learned that Amazon was going to release a new Kindle this week and today we have a major leak in that regard. The device is called the Oasis and it comes with a new design and interesting new features.


The new Kindle was listed on Amazon’s Japanese website for a brief period of time, before being taken down. Kindle Oasis was also pictured on the Amazon Tmall page. The reader seems to be focused on one handed usage and comes with a large bezel on one side and a bump below, that seems to make it easier to hold the device and use it with a single hand.


The bezel is on the right or left, depending on the hand you use to hold the device. A built in accelerometer automatically pivots the screen when switching hands. Oasis comes with a 300 ppi display and we also get up to 60% more LEDs in the mix. This new Kindle is smaller than the Voyage and weighs 131 grams, plus it’s just 3.4 mm thick (8.5 mm in the thickest point).

The slimmer design means a lesser battery, but now there’s a rechargeable battery case in the mix, that extends battery life up to 20 months. No word on pricing just yet.