With MWC 2011 ended, we can only look back to what happened in Barcelona and we have to show a very interesting video demo of the HP TouchPad tablet. This is the first webOS device we tested (thanks to editor Zsolt, for us and siste site Mobilissimo.ro) and you must know that it runs version 3.0 of the platform. This is finally an alternative for Android 3.0, in case you want something else.

As you can see, the card stack interface is being used, as well as real multitasking, made available by the OS developed by Palm and HP. You can setup more email accounts and we can also see the virtual keyboard in action in the clip, in portrait and landscape mode. You can also make the keyboard smaller and there are even smiley keys you can use, even if this is a business slate.

Moving on to the hardware side, we find that the slate features a 9.7 inch display, with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, plus a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core CPU (1.2GHz) and a 6300mAh battery, that should provide a full day of work. There’s a 1.3MP camera upfront for videocalling and 32GB of built in memory for you.

This is the WiFi-only version of the HP TouchPad, that will be released this summer, followed by a 3G and 4G version.