Not so long ago we’ve written about a Motorola patent describing a 3D tablet display, that could be included on a future Xoom slate. Now there’s fresh intel regarding a potential new tablet from Moto and we detail it below.


With the Moto X coming to the UK on February 1st, there’s probably room for one more launch these days. Said launch could involve a new Xoom tablet, one that would use the Moto Maker customization system. Over 2 years have passed since the Xoom 2/Xyboard has been introduced and that was a less than successful launch and I’m being generous about it.

The speculated tablet may come over the next days or weeks, especially since CEO Dennis Woodside has said that Motorola is looking at tablets. He also said that people asked them to build a tablet using Moto Maker and customize the device. He did say that this is a time to focus on smartphones, no tablets sadly…