If you’re looking for a sci-fi accommodation in Moscow, you may be interested in the sleeping pods from the Sleepbox Hotel. Moscow has just opened its first such hotel featuring the Sproject Launchpad wall mounted cases and… iPads.

sleepbox 1

Capsule hotels are a big deal in Japan and now that trend has reached Moscow. The hotel is connected to the airport by the Sheremetyevo Aeroexpress. If you’re wondering about the iPads, they are enclosed in the secure LaunchPad enclosure at the reception. They’re well strapped into the cases and I wonder if they’re connected to those big screen TVs or not.

If you ask me, I find sleeping pods highly claustrophobic, but that’s the way of the future probably. It’s what astronauts sleep like and probably people from the lower cost cruises. I can’t really tell if there are iPads in the room or at the reception alone. Well, as long as you have an iPad there’s no need for a window right?

Thanks Mark for the tip!