We’ve been hearing from multiple sources that 2021 was going to be the year of 5G iPads and also mini LED iPads. Today we learn more about the future products. A recent report from Digitimes now claims that the slate is coming sooner than expected. We have more details below.

The iPad Pro 2020 will no have an OLED screen just yet, which is not speculated to happen in 2022. According to the same report, Apple is going to launch a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with a Mini LED screen in 2021. Unlike the old rumors, the report claims that it will be coming in Q1 2021, not in the later part of the year. Seeing how Apple tends to debut products in March sometimes, that’s when it may happen. Popular provider of touch display solutions GIS will provide integrated touch modules for this iPad Pro.

GIS has already prepared investments north of $76 million in China for the purpose of this product alone. GIS is expanding operations for this purpose. Other millions of dollars will be invested in automation in order to speed up the process. The same company also produces touch integrated modules for iPads and MacBooks. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already predicted that a mini LED iPad was launching by Q2 2021. Later a report from Korea claimed that it could happen sometime before the first half of 2021, but tipsters also associate it with 2022.

Another report claims that Apple will introduce a new hybrid OLED display tech on iPads from 2022. It’s said to be thinner than a typical OLED with more strength. For those not familiar with Mini LED panels, they’re LCD tech based but with thousands of smaller backlit LEDs, smaller than 0.2 mm in size. It’s supposed to offer OLED benefits, but also not the drawbacks, like burn in. A brighter image is expected compared to typical LCDs, also a more vivid set of colors. Expect mini LED panels to also trickle out to other iDevices.