Microsoft is experimenting with a new format, a free version of Windows 8.1, that could increase the number of people using the OS. Sources close to the Redmond firm told The Verge that the company is building a Windows 8.1 with Bing release.


This one will bundle key Microsoft apps and services and it’s merely an experimental project that intends to bring a low cost version of Windows to the average consumer. Microsoft is said to be positioning the product as a free or low cost upgrade for Windows 7 users that haven’t been convinced b Windows 8 till now.

This release could also be offered to PC makers as part of the recent license reduction for devices under $250. This is all in beta phase for now, so don’t go hoping just yet. Microsoft is pushing Bing more and more as a successful product and putting it side by side with Windows, it actually seems that Bing is a more solid product. Should we expect that someday Windows will be killed in favour of a Bing OS?