The Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB model was sold out on February 9th and that was the general status of all Surface Pro units after last weekend’s debut. Staples and Best Buy were running low on stocks and now there seems to be a fresh batch of products available, since people can order the tablet and receive it within the next 2 to 3 weeks.


You can either head to the Microsoft online store and place an order or go to a physical store or partner store. The purchasing option is only available until the latest round of inventory is depleted and then the store will once again say “Out of Stock”. Microsoft has also recently detailed how to reserve a Surface Pro at a retail store. You can place reservations with both Best Buy and Staples, depending on their inventory. Best Buy takes reservations if its store in your area doesn’t have any of the devices you want in stock.

Microsoft is saying that the reservations will be placed if the store know the exact status of the inventory and when it will get refilled. Before you jump in and pay either $899 for the 64 GB Surface or $999 for the 128 GB one, remember that reviews of the device are generally negative, criticizing the little storage available on board and poor battery (4 hours of life).