Microsoft’s Surface Tablet, the product that MS was very hopeful about may end up being a flop, although there have been a lot of people saying it’s a success. Opinions are mixed between both analysts and reviews and that can’t be a good thing for Microsoft.

A good indication of what’s actually going on is the cut Q4 orders for the Surface, cut with 50% that is. Now there’s one firm estimating that MS will sell less than 1 million Surface tablets in 2012 and another report says the sales are even more…grim. In this air of confusion we took to statistics in the area of web traffic and ads and resorted to the Chitika numbers. Advertising firm Chitika did its reporting on Tuesday, saying that Microsoft’s Surface tablet stood for 0.13% of tablet traffic across its network in USA and Canada.

The conclusion is obtained through the analysis on tens of millions of ad impressions served to tablets, taking place between November 12th and November 18th. A quick comparison shows that Nexus tablets wielded 0.91% of the traffic, so almost 9 times more than the Surface. The thing to take into account is the limited availability of applications on the Surface and on Win RT for that matter. The idea is that if you don’t have apps to play with you’re more tempted to surf the web, right? Wrong, which is exactly the worrying point in the case of the Surface, since people also aren’t into browsing on it.