You couldn’t have a launch without a party, right? Well, during the Surface fan event held at LA on April 1st, Microsoft fans could try out the freshly announced Surface 3 slate. During the show there was also an exhibition, showing the internals of the device.


You can check it out above through a picture, that reveals the slate has a very big battery, by any standards. Below you can watch some parts of the event, summing up the vibe of the party and it was a pretty laid back event, from what I can see. We remind you the Surface 3 is a $499 tablet announced by Microsoft on March 31st and it comes with Windows 8.1 and an Intel Atom chipset.

The product debuts on May 5th in USA and it doesn’t have an adjustable kickstand like the Surface Pro 3. Instead it has a three stage kickstand and it also brings a 10.8 inch display, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Microsoft upgraded the smaller Surface Type Covers to work with the Surface 3, by the way. The accessories will be snapped into place under the screen via magnets.

Who’s ready to spend?